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The ADD1022 is a PRIME compliant ASIC specifically designed for PLC Base Nodes implementation. Systems using this ASIC support both mono-phase and multi-phase PLC injection. Mono-phase injection is achieved by means of a single ADD1022 ASIC, whereas several ADD1022 can be combined to achieve multi-phase injection based on ADD’s MIMO technology.

The combination of multi-phase injection and ADD’s MIMO technology increases PRIME Base Nodes’ performance, resulting in outstanding robustness and network coverage.

The ADD1022 has been conceived to be easily managed by an external microcontroller by means of an SPI interface. The external microcontroller implements Base Node upper layers (PRIME compliant) while ADD1022 carries out PHY layer functionalities.

Line coupling front end design is extremely simplified, bringing off a very low cost BOM.

Main Features

  • Narrowband power line PRIME compliant ASIC.
  • Fully digital solution with outstanding performance against noise. Due to the digital output, the efficiency in TX is extremely high, which implies less power consumption and/or the use of less restrictive power supply.
  • Very good performance at high temperatures.
  • Optimized Analog Front End (AFE) allows outstanding coupling with low cost BOM.
  • OFDM modulation:
    • 97 sub-carriers in CENELEC A band
    • BPSK, QPSK and 8PSK differential modulations selectable
    • programmable baud rate up to 128 kbps
    • Convolutional Coding and Viterbi decoding
  • PRIME compliant PHY layer on chip (ADD1310 and ADD1200 IP cores), and Includes SPI bridge to the external microcontroller implementing Base Node upper layers.
  • ADD1022 peripherals: Medium Access Controller, PLC Modem block, 128-bit AES encryption hardware unit, DMA, SPI bridge, 32 kByte on-chip SRAM...

See more details in the brief datasheet. To receive the complete datasheet please contact us.

Block diagram