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ADD1021 Development Kit

The ADD1021 Development Kit provides a platform for developing systems based on PLC (power line communications) technology, using the advanced capabilities of the ADD1021 SoC.

This Development Kit also includes a complete set of peripheral devices to explore the characteristics of the ADD1021 SoC.

As part of the kit, there are extensive example applications, complete PRIME MAC communication libraries and a PC application to program the ADD1021 SoC.


The ADD1021 Development Kit provides all the tools needed to develop a wide range of applications and, at the same time, to obtain a deep knowledge of the ADD1021 SoC:

  • One ADDT2101 Development Board
  • Four ADDM2102 Modem Boards
  • Five A to mini-B USB cable
  • Five Power Cord cable
  • 3V DC battery
  • Set of jumpers for the board configuration
  • CD-ROM containing documentation and software
  • The CD-ROM included in the ADD1021DK contents:


    • ADD1021 Datasheet
    • ADD1021 User Manual
    • ADD1021 Kits User Manual
    • CAD file with gerbers
    • ADD1021 Reference Design
    • ADD SoC Software Development Guide
    • Brochure products-tools
    • ADD1021 Physical Layer Test Software (user manual)
    • PRIME software stack documentation


    • Drivers USB (.exe)
    • Monitor Software for debugging (.exe)
    • ADD6030 PC software for board programming
    • DRIVERS libraries with user application examples
    • ADD1021_PHY_layer_test.hex (software for the PHY layer test)
    • Interface application
    • Visual interface
    • PRIME software stack

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