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The ADD1021 is a System on Chip solution for narrowband Power Line Communications. Fully PRIME compliant, it achieves baudrates up to 128 kbps in CENELEC A band. The combination of specifically designed hardware units (enhanced 8051 microcontroller, dedicated 128-bit AES hardware encryption block) and ADD’s fully digital technology turn the ADD1021 into a low-cost but high-performance SoC solution.

It has been designed mainly for smart metering and smart grid applications.

Main Features

  • Narrowband power line PRIME compliant System on Chip.
  • Fully digital solution with outstanding performance against noise. Due to the digital output, the efficiency in TX is extremely high, which implies less power consumption and/or the use of less restrictive power supply.
  • Very good performance at high temperatures.
  • Optimized Analog Front End (AFE) allows outstanding coupling with low cost BOM.
  • OFDM modulation:
    • 97 sub-carriers in CENELEC A band
    • BPSK, QPSK and 8PSK differential modulations selectable
    • programmable baud rate up to 128 kbps
    • Convolutional Coding and Viterbi decoding
  • Includes enhanced 8051 microcontroller with embedded PRIME PHY, MAC and IEC 61334-4-32 data link layer.
  • ADD1021 peripherals: Medium Access Controller, PLC Modem block, 128-bit AES encryption hardware unit, Boot Loader, Watchdog timer, 2 UART, programmable 16-bit timer, 32 kByte on-chip SRAM...

See more details in the brief datasheet. To receive the complete datasheet please contact us.

Block diagram

Video overview