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ADD1010 Development Kit

The ADD1010 Development Kit provides a platform for developing systems based on PLC (power line communications) technology, using the advanced capabilities of the ADD1010 SoC.

This Development Kit also includes a complete set of peripheral devices to explore the characteristics of the ADD1010 SoC.

It includes extensive example applications, complete Embedded Communication Software Stack (ECSS) library, as well as API (Application Programming Interface) functions to program the ADD1010 SoC and driver libraries along with sample code.


The ADD1010 Development Kit provides all the tools needed to develop a wide range of applications and, at the same time, to obtain a deep knowledge of the ADD1010 SoC:

  • Quick Start Guide
  • One ADDT1001 Development Board
  • Four ADDM1001 Modem Boards
  • Five A to mini-B USB cable
  • Five Power Cord cable
  • 3V DC battery
  • Set of jumpers for the board configuration
  • CD-ROM containing documentation and software
  • The CD-ROM included in the ADD1010 DK contents:


    • ADD1010 Datasheet
    • ADD1010 User Manual
    • ADD1010 Kits User Manual
    • CAD file with gerbers and libraries (ADDT1001 and ADDM1001)
    • ADD1010 Reference Design
    • Critical components datasheets
    • ADD SoC Software Development Guide
    • Brochure products-tools


    • USB drivers(.exe)
    • Monitor Software for debugging(.exe)
    • ADD6030 PC software for board programming(.exe)
    • DRIVERS libraries with user application examples(.c)
    • PHY layer software configurable(phy.c phy.h)
    • Interface application
    • Visual Interface
    • ECSS II

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