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The ADD1000B is a System on Chip solution specifically designed for narrowband Power Line Communications. It complies with EHS and KONNEX standards and operates in CENELEC C band, achieving baud rates up to 4800 bps. The combination of specifically designed hardware units and ADD’s fully digital technology turn the ADD1000B into a low-cost but high-performance SoC solution.

The ADD1000B needs only a simple coupling circuit and reduces the number of components of your PLC application drastically. Therefore it is the best choice for applications like Home Automation, Intelligent Lighting and makes the application of PLC as a control network affordable for a wider range of applications.

Typical applications are Street Lighting and Building and Home Automation.

Main Features

  • Narrowband power line EHS/KNX compliant System on Chip.
  • Fully digital solution with outstanding performance against noise. Due to the digital output, the efficiency in TX is extremely high, which implies less power consumption and/or the use of less restrictive power supply.
  • Very good performance at high temperatures.
  • Optimized Analog Front End (AFE) allows outstanding coupling with low cost BOM.
  • FSK modulation:
    • Programmable baud rates from 400 to 4600 bps
    • Operates in CENELEC C band: carrier frequency equal to 132.5 kHz
  • Includes enhanced 8051 microcontroller with (optional) ADD’s Embedded Communications Software Stack (ECSS), including all necessary PHY and MAC layer functionalities.
  • ADD1000B peripherals: Medium Access Controller, PLC Modem block, Boot Loader, Watchdog timer, 3 UART, 128 kBytes internal SRAM, Quadruple Dmmer in/out, SPI to Serial Flash and external RTC, Buffered SPI to external metering IC...

See more details in the brief datasheet. To receive the complete datasheet please contact us.

Block diagram

Video overview